Monday, October 19, 2009


Frozen (by yours truly, Darrel Reese)

I watch my window, frozen with fear
tonight, as I lay awake in bed.
It always happens this time of year;
Creepy visions sneak into my head,
Strange and erie creaks come to my ear.
"O'eractive 'magination" says Dad;
But tell that to the monster o'er there
Who thinks I'm ripe for munching - I'm dead!

I've been absent lately, but I have good reason - I've been doing some side work, so the blog has suffered. Sorry! (there's only so many electives a full-time employee, father, husband and 3-hr commuter can get done in a day) But I'm back, for the moment, and trying to "fall back" into things. :) Enjoy - I had to get my Halloween fix in!