Wednesday, June 17, 2009

American History Unfolds

Since the election of George Washington as President in 1789, the USA has had 43 different people fill it's highest elected government office. While being considered a "melting pot," 42 of them have been Caucasian. Obama's star role certainly stands out, breaking a 200 year traidition and possibly shattering the trend. Only time will tell, and a lot is riding on Obama's performance (more than just his ancestral heritage).

Here, I've roughly tried to make turn a paper-doll chain into the stars on the US flag. Seven stars are "blank," with many hopefuls waiting to continue the chain. I have subdued my interest in painterly effects in this sample, choosing the geometric symmetry from my illustration program to help render the paper-chain more accurately.

The message here is more of a personal reflection and observation than any politcal lean I have, an illustration generated simply to make one think.


Liora said...

I love this. The concept is great and it's beautifully painted. I like the way the land spreads out below and the presidents float in the sky.

spindelmaker said...

Excellent idea!