Thursday, July 16, 2009


...& now, for something completely different.

This is still rather rough, but it is a concept that I've actually got a whole series in progress. An abstract geometric style that is more art than illustration, but I couldn't help post it now, and hear your thoughts.

I often observe that many people have two sides, like a coin: on one side is the face that everyone sees, but the other side reveals that inner self they only reveal when they want to or to those closest to them.

Hollow sums up that feeling we get when we feel disconnected from those around us, or that sense of overwhelming loss/fear that makes us vulnerable, but the world won't ever know it because of the masks we wear to hide behind. We make ourselves prisoners within our own selves, yet, we alone are the only wardens that can open the door and let the real "self" out.

Of course, our dearest friends and family see right through this. Now if I could just draw someone reaching in and pulling the other out from the back of the throat... :)


Jess said...

Yes! YES YES YES! Very well done. I have been privy to your earlier renderings of this concept, but I never saw before the light streaming in from the eyes, or the "windows". Perfectly executed. This version has leaps and bounds conveyed what the earlier charcoal versions have not. I personally connect with "we alone are the only wardens that can open the door and let the real "self" out". It is such a gift to be able to hear your thoughts on your works. Keep it up. You are very talented.

ofloda said...

Wow! I love this. Very inspiring.

Robert Snyder said...

Very nice!
I like the person within the person aspect.